Turnbull Cove

A lazy morning start, with engine start near 10am and under way shortly thereafter. Sam started feeling ill yesterday, so we tried to let her sleep but she got up anyway.

I was on helm most of the day and, while underway, Kay requested a change of destination from Claydon Bay to Turnbull, as she remembered a hiking trail to a lake. Sam, Rod, and Matt took Quijote’s dinghy and did the hoke. Kay, because of her knees and I because of my hip demurred. Instead, Kay & I did boat chores, cleaning, and such.

With the dinghy on deck, I could begin repairs. I found the leak through the expedient of filling the dinghy with water and seeing where it came out. Success! However, now I have to wait for it to dry before gluing it back together again. Hopefully tomorrow. (Remember this hope!)

I put two jerry cans worth of fuel back into Opus’ tanks. Engine had been run nearly 24 hours since she was toped off in Campbell River and gauge was reading 5/8 of a tank. By calculation of 0.71 gal/hour, we should have used 16.6 gallons of fuel, leaving only 1/3 of the tank remaining. Obviously, the gauge is not properly calibrated. I’ve started a calibration scale inside the front cover of the logbook so that we can translate gauge readings to actual amounts of fuel remaining.

We are officially further north than I’ve ever been in my life by about 1 mile. If we had gone to Claydon Bay, as originally planned, the record wouldn’t have been broken today.

It felt odd to be motoring along in the warm sun (did I mention how nice the weather was?) while looking at snow-capped peaks. BC really does live up to the motto of “Supernatural beauty” and I think much of the theme for this trip will be snow-covered peaks.

We have covered more than 325 miles so far, all hand-steered. If we assume the total trip to be 2400 miles, then we’re more than 1/8th done already!

Sam and Matt went swimming today, the crazies. That water is COLD! However, if Sam is well enough to do the hike today and go swimming, then she can’t be all that sick, can she?

Okay, departure for Quijote is 7am which makes our crew call to be 6:30. It’s almost 10pm now, so time for me to try to unwind and get some sleep. Good night, Journal!

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