We were supposed to go to Bootleg Cove. However, Bootleg is only big enough for one boat and someone else was there before us. Oh well, always have a plan B, right? Turns out that Plan B is pretty darn nice too! There were about 7 boats already anchored when we arrived. Quijote arrived soon after us and became the anchor boat for our little raft. It seems we are pretty much alternating nights as the anchor.

We – or rather Sam, Matt, and Kay – hauled the dinghy onto the deck to have it dry out in preparation for being repaired. It has a slow leak of water into the interior. No danger, but it’s uncomfortable. We like our feet to stay dry, darn it! There are a few other repairs to it that need to be done as well. None of them a safety issue, but it still needs to be done. Basically, I have to glue some pieces back on or at least back together.

The trip to Waddington was our best for animal sightings yet! A few bear, a whale, and porpoises/dolphins (I can’t tell which is which. Some day I’ll learn animal identifications!) on two separate occasions.

Lunch was a smorgasbord of crackers, cheese, pickles, and various other tidbits for us to pick over.

Weather-wise, it was a bit dreary to start, but turned beautifully sunny and warm later.

In the evening, we met another sailboat who has a boat cat with its own instagram account. “Fathom the boat cat”. I’ll have to look it up when I get the chance.

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