Opus Racing Team Agreement

Note that this is not a “contract” and has no legal standing. It is simply a gentlebeing’s agreement so that each knows what to expect.


As it is important to create a coherent, practiced, efficient, and skilled team to participate in the races envisioned, both the boat owner and prospective crew needs to make a commitment to those goals

For the owner that commitment consists of regular training as well as a substantial financial commitment in preparing the yacht to be competitive. For prospective crew that commitment consists of regular and frequent training as well as preparing themselves phsycially and equipment for ocean-type racing.


The owner commits to providing a sailboat, insurance, and sails, of a quality sufficient to be competitive in the expected races. In addition, the owner will schedule frequent training sessions and opportunities for the crew to become skilled

The prospective crew commits to regular attendance upon the training sessions as well as independent study and learning to become skilled at their position(s) during the races. In addition, the crew member agrees to equip themselves, at their own expense, to meet the equipment requirements stated by each race.

It is envisioned that there will be a practice session every week on an alternating schedule, generally on a week evening and lasting for 4-6 hours. In addition, there will be longer training sessions some weekends. Examples of these might be a long weekend in which practice will be had with watch rotations, night operations, etc.


Direct expenses related to maintenance of the vessel, race fees, and required yacht equipment, will be borne by the vessel owner.

  • Opus, a 43 foot C&C yacht suitable for racing that meets the safety requirements of the expected races
  • An expansive inventory of racing sails
  • life raft and EPIRB equipment

Personal equipment that will be provided by each crew person are:

  • Medical insurance and/or coverage appropriate to the activity or race
  • A PFD that meets the requirements of the expected races
  • A tether that meets the requirements of the expected races
  • Foul weather clothing, insulating clothing, deck shoes/boots, sailing gloves, and similar equipment
  • A headlamp which is capable of using a red or blue beam so as to preserve night vision
  • Other, similar, personal equipment

During races, it may be required that crew members share equally in the cost of provisions


It’s important that all the crew by competent not only as individual sailors but also as a team. Each crew person has the right to believe that their crewmates are doing their job properly and well. Moreover, it’s important that each crew member can approach a piece of equipment and know how it’s supposed to be used and what state it’s in. This requires that everyone do things the same way on the boat.

Training sessions will be focused and directed with a clear plan and goal for each training session. These are not “fun cruises” (although it is hoped that fun will be had).

In some ways, it is modeled on some of the ideas and philosophy of the Clipper Round the World organization, which takes people who may never have sailed before and prepares them to race 70 foot ocean yachts in a race around the world.

Example training sessions might be:

  1. Starts
  2. Tacking efficiently
  3. Gybing
  4. Sail trimming
  5. Raising and lowering sails
  6. Spinnakers

Each training session will have a mandatory debrief in which all are expected to contribute

Edit 2021-Jul-21:

Changed the training schedule to reflect that training will be alternating team Neptune and team Poseidon

Added requirement for medical insurance/coverage