Fury Cove

Departure went without problems at 7:32 – only 2 minutes past plan – but at 7:59, surrounded by reefs, the helm iPad went dark, depriving the helm of guidance. One of our crew, who had said “Got it!” when requested to turn on power at the helm, hadn’t actually done so, and the iPad had run down its internal battery.

The iPad has been acting up, claiming that it is not charging while going from 10% charge to 78% charge over a couple of hours. Sounds like it’s charging to me! The iPad is the helm’s main interface to Opus’ guidance systems, so it has to work.

Okay, it should have some power now. Time to see if it is working again.

All fixed! Though I wish I knew what caused it or how I fixed it the “iPad Not Charging” problem.

There’s some big winds coming tomorrow night. It’s time to batten down the hatches, cover the sails, move lines, so that things don’t rustle and bang. Oh joy, more mast climbing with my hurt hip. Grit my teeth and just do it, Kevin.

Broke the lanyard on the sail cover zipper, to made a new one.

Fury Cove is beautiful. It’s a shame that the park is closed. Shore excursions are out of the question for crew. However, Sam and Matt took a dinghy over the sandbar (it’s submerged at high tide) and out into Fitzhugh. I said, in a previous post that they are crazy, and they keep proving it.

Because of the weather coming, we’ve decided to change destinations from Kitty Hawk to Codville Lagoon. Kitty Hawk just isn’t sufficiently protected for Rod’s and my peace of mind.

A fair bit of the crossing today was in a fog. We had our radar going and I’m definitely getting better at interpreting the display. Folks, don’t believe the movies. A radar display is nowhere nearly as clear-cut as they make it seem. there’s a lot of stuff to filter out! One additional plus of running our radar is that some of the big boats have systems where they “see” our radar pinging away and thus know where we are, even though we don’t have an AIS transmitter. That’s in addition to our radar painting them.

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