Grace Harbour

We may be back to our previous weather pattern again. Clouds started moving in late yesterday and we are in solid overcast this morning. I’m hoping it’s just a marine layer rather than presaging more rain.

Breakfast this morning will be a Dutch Baby, our first try at baking aboard Opus. While the oven is hot, Kay will bake muffins and brownies in order not to waste propane heating up the oven again.

Rod and I have a radio net every night at 20:00 on channel 69 to arrange the details of the next day. Of course, if we’re rafted, it’s easier to just hop over to the other boat and have a conversation face to face.

Dutch baby came out undercooked and didn’t rise. It was more of a breakfast cookie than a fluffy pancake, so we’ll have to try something different. First thing is to cook it longer so that it’s more done all the way through, though that doesn’t solve the rising problem. For that, I think more air needs to be beaten into it.

Grace Harbour is another idyllic place. No one was here when we arrived, so we had the lick of anchoring spots. Quijote entered as we were testing the set of our anchor and rafted up. Our turn to host the anchorage!

Crew is headed to hike the trails. I’d love to go, but there is plumbing that needs attending to. My boat, my job, I guess. It’s been 6 days and, except to refuel, I’ve not been off the boat yet. Each time the crew goes for a shore excursion, there is always something that needs doing on the boat. However, the number of boat chores is dwindling and I think I’m due for some down time myself. Maybe I’ll declare tomorrow as a no-boat-chore day and go ashore to do some hiking myself. I certainly could use some exercise!

Opus hosted dinner last night. What was originally going to be a simple hotdogs meal became something far more elaborate. Yes, there were hot dogs done on Opus’ grill. There was fresh made potato salad. There was grilled onions. There was Caribbean Chili. There was steamed vegetables. For dessert, there were brownies and oranges. A feast!

Afterwards, Sam, Matt, and I played a monopoly card game. It’s a lot faster than the monopoly board game, as we got two games done in the space of an hour or so, and yet it’s influenced by the popular, but time consuming, board game.

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