First night of the big sail

I moved aboard Opus yesterday in preparation for the voyage to Alaska. Moving aboard, also, was first mate Kay. Anne helped us move aboard and then did we tornado of activity straightening and organizing.

Kay, of course, was busy also, organizing, planning, working on storage and provisions, hand in hand with Anne. Together these two are the move-in dynamic duo!

We moved our personal effects and everything other than food aboard, which is still at home base while we put the finishing touches on Opus. There is still a lot to do, including a bit of requiring of the switch panel, adding storage nets, and of course stowing away all the tools and spares that currently clutter the cabin.

Last night was a very windy night, and the boom was creaking and squeaking, the foresail cover flapping and adding a vibration to the ship. Around 4:00 I woke up and went out on deck to lash the boom down. First time wasn’t enough and I had to add a second lashing. Not sure what to do about the foresail cover. Maybe have to just live with it.

Today is going to be a little more electrical work and installing the storage net in Kay’s berth as well as working on her reading lamp/usb charger.

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