First step taking Opus back to Canada

Yesterday I transported Opus from Point Roberts to Semiahmoo Marina. This is the first step in bringing Opus to Canada.

Why the jaunt to Semiahmoo instead of going direct from Point Roberts? I’m so glad you asked…

In order to come back into Canada from the United States, the following procedure has to be followed:

  • Have a sample taken for a COVID test. This must be done in the United States before crossing into Canada
  • Receive the results of the COVID test
  • File those results into an app called ArriveCanada. This must all be done before crossing into Canada
  • Within 72 hours of the COVID sample being taken (see step 1) cross into Canada.

What happens after that isn’t important. It’s that 72 hour deadline that is critical. If you don’t meet that, you have to start the process all over again. The last time I crossed from Point Roberts, the results of the COVID test were delayed (They came out negative for me), and I crossed into Canada with 10 minutes to spare before the test became invalid.

Keeping that in mind, I didn’t want to be 2 hours away from a border crossing. Thus, I’m now positioned about 30-40 minutes from a border crossing.

So how was the trip from Point Roberts? An adventure, like always. Opus seemed sluggish. Considering that she’s been sitting in Point Roberts Marina for 3 months, I imagine the grown on her hull is slowing her down. I’ll have to dive her and see. It will be a good time to double check the zincs too.

Upon arriving and getting settled into her slip at Semiahmoo Marina, I found that the fresh water system doesn’t seem to be working. it was working yesterday morning, so that’s going to be my main focus today, along with cleaning off all the bird berry-poop from the decks (which I did a few days ago, but it’s back).

After that comes the usual boat tasks of cleaning up, plus it seems the catches on two cabinets have come loose and I need to fix those. So, plenty of things to keep my busy for now.

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