Keep pushing the pawns forward

Progress is being measured not by the completion of tasks but instead it is measured by any forward motion at all on any of the myriad fronts.

It seems the “completion” is a somewhat slippery and elusive quality. Just as I think one thing is getting close to “finished”, fate decides to drop another little present, or should I say “challenge” in my path. Fortunately, help is on the horizon.

We’ve decided to contract out some of the work and I had an opportunity to talk to the mechanic earlier today. Some things just require a second person. Case in point is that the idlers for the steering are said to have problems. However, to witness this and therefore derive a solution requires that I be (a) in the machinery space to see the idlers in operation, and (b) up at the helm turning the wheel, both at the same time. Sure, the answer would be to make a friend on the dock and have them turn the wheel while I witness, but it’s pretty much a desert around here for people.

So some things are just up to the whims of the fates whether I’ll make any progress or not. I can only hope and wait, and be prepared for when things offer opportunities. Or else contract them out, of course.

They will, hopefully, begin the work at the end of this week or the beginning of next week and it should take a few days to maybe a week to get it all done. Then, finaly, we can go sailing!

Speaking of sailing, Quijote is home. Who is Quijote? She is a Hallberg-Rassey 39(? 38?) that I’ve crewed on a number of times, owned by Captain R. Mercer. Originally intended to do a circumnavigation of the Pacific, COVID put a sudden stop to it while she was waiting in Mexico for the right season to continue on westward. Unfortunately, borders remained closed and after sitting in a boatyard in Mexico for a year, it was time to bring her home. I was supposed to crew, but COVID made that a non-starter for me too. Well, they have brought Quijote home from La Paz, Mexico to Seattle by way of Hawaii. You can read about it above under the “friends” menu.

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