Tomorrow’s the big day!

I take full command of Opus tomorrow. So today is running around like crazy getting the last minute things done in preparation for being gone for a while. I had to get a copy of my COVID vaccination report, results of my COVID test, a few bits and bobs, order some stuff for the boat (that will be delivered at my new berth, but needed to order now before a cash back offer expired), pull together the last minute things, go get the truck that we’ll use to bring sails home, etc.

The former owner has been really gracious so that I won’t have to night over in False Creek. I really wasn’t looking forward to doing that, though I did make a reservation just in case. Anchoring at night, in a boat that I’m unfamiliar with, in a busy, congested, area like False creek, and then trying to sleep while worried, and with no good way to prepare meals, didn’t sound like a good idea to me, but if it was the only way, then c’est la vie, take it as a challenge and do one’s best.

The electonics that I ordered is an AIS transceiver. Some may say that a sailboat really doesn’t need one. It’s not like we’re all that fast, so people have plenty of time to see us, and that’s true, but I would also like to see others coming up on me and have some idea of where they’re going. That only requires a (cheaper) receiver, but the thought of them seeing me in low visibility such as fog is comforting.

So soon the ship will be sporting a Vesper Cortex M1/VHF unit, the first of the electronics upgrades I want to do (next is either sensors such as wind sensors and water speed sensors, or a new chartplotter… we’ll see what is required when I have a better opportunity to exercise the electronics. Heck, it might be a new radar system).

The “Oh my god, what have I done” is starting to take a back seat to the excitement and anticipation – though there’s still a LOT of work to do before the anticipation can be turned into reality.

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